Bathroom Remodeling Project in McKinney: A Stunning Transformation

At Performance Painting, we recently completed a bathroom remodeling project that showcases our commitment to quality and attention to detail. Here’s a step-by-step look at the transformation process:

McKinney Bathroom Remodeling Project Overview

Objective: To remodel an outdated bathroom into a modern and functional space.

Project Steps

  1. Demo Tub and Surround: We started by carefully removing the old tub and its surrounding structure, making way for a fresh start.

  2. Install Customer-Provided Shower Valve: A new shower valve provided by the customer was installed, ensuring optimal water flow and temperature control.

  3. Install Shower Drain Kit: We removed concrete to relocate the drain, ensuring proper water drainage and preventing future issues.

  4. Install Shower Curb and Liner: A custom shower curb and liner were installed to create a solid foundation for the new shower.

  5. Install Corner Foot Shelf: For added convenience and style, we included a sleek corner foot shelf.

  6. Float Floor to Drain: The shower floor was expertly floated to ensure proper drainage, maintaining a smooth and level surface.

  7. Install 1/2″ Backer Board to Shower Walls: We installed sturdy backer board to the shower walls, carefully taping and sealing to create a waterproof barrier.

  8. Install Tile to Shower Walls: Beautiful tiles were laid on the shower walls, enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

  9. Install Mesh Back Tile to Shower Floor: The shower floor received stylish mesh back tiles completing the look.

  10. Grout Tile: The tiles were meticulously grouted, ensuring a polished and durable finish.

  11. Include Schluter Trim and 2 Recessed Wall Niches: We added Schluter trim and two recessed wall niches for a sleek, modern appearance and practical storage.

  12. Install Sliding Shower Glass: The project was completed with the installation of a stylish sliding shower glass, adding a touch of elegance to the new shower.

Final Result

The remodeled bathroom in McKinney now features a modern and functional design, providing the homeowner with a luxurious space to enjoy. From the carefully selected materials to the expert installation, every detail was meticulously planned and executed.

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