Is it time to freshen up your walls, ceilings, doors — even kitchen cabinets? Welcome to Performance Painting, your go-to destination for exceptional interior painting services. Our expert team is here to help you choose the perfect color for your painting project, transforming the mood and atmosphere of your space. Read on to discover how our services can make your vision a reality, our suggestions on how to choose the right color, and what goes into the interior painting price. We serve residential and commercial properties.


Our Interior Painting Services:

  • Wall Painting(Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Garage, etc)
  • Cabinet Painting(Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Room, etc)
  • Door Painting, Repair, Replacement
  • Trim Painting, Repair, Replacement
  • Drywall Repair and Installation

Selecting the Right Color

Determining the ideal interior paint color involves several key considerations. At Performance Painting, we understand the factors that come into play, and how to guide you through them to choose the correct interior painting color. Here’s what you need to know:


  1. Lighting: Lighting is a crucial element in making a room appear larger or cozier. One we believe is the most important. For an illusion of space, lighter shades of paint, like white, reflect more light, making the room feel larger. On the other hand, darker, pigmented paints create a cozy atmosphere for smaller spaces. Quick tip, make sure you check the lighting at all times during the day.
    1. Mood and Personal Preference: We believe your paint color should reflect your desired mood and personal taste. Our team considers color psychology to help you choose colors that promote relaxation, energy, or any other feeling you wish to evoke. What is your ultimate goal for that room and its purpose in your household?
      1. Existing Decor: Complementing your existing decor and furniture is essential for a cohesive look. Our painting consultants will guide you in selecting a color that works well with your furnishings, fireplace, dresser, and other elements in the room.
        1. Flooring, Molding, and Trim: Choosing the right color for your walls also involves considering the flooring, molding, and trim. We’ll help you find the perfect accent colors that enhance the overall aesthetic of the room.
          1. Paint Samples and Testing: To ensure you make an informed decision, we provide larger sample boards or larger paint stickers from trusted brands like Sherwin-Williams. These samples allow you to observe the color in different lighting conditions throughout the day, helping you choose color with confidence. You can also use the sticker in multiple places to get the full effect.
            1. Long-Term Trends: We stay up to date with the latest color trends to ensure your chosen color stands the test of time. Our experts can recommend timeless options that will look great even after a decade.

            What factors go into the cost of interior painting?

            1. The size of the home and project – Typically this is measured by square footage, # of rooms, unique areas to paint around, do we need to move furniture, and 1 or 2 story homes. The more complex the project, the more time, labor, and resources we will need which leads to a higher cost. This is why we recommend using a professional painter that doesn’t cut corners. Within our price we include covering all the floors and furnishings for no extra cost.
            2. Surface Condition: If the walls are in good condition and require minimal prep work, then the cost can be lower. However, if the walls have cracks, holes, needs new texture, this will take more time and increase your cost.
            3. Paint Quality and Type of Finish: Higher end paints are generally more expensive, but are more durable and will last you longer. If you use a lower end paint, you not only have to apply more coats, but if you don’t do this, it won’t last as long and you will have to paint again sooner. The type of finish also plays into cost such as matte, satin, glossy, and more.
            4. Location of company: Depending on where you live in the United States or Texas, this can determine cost as well based on cost of living. Along with this if you live further out in the country, drive time and overall time will be taken into consideration and cost.
            5. Additional services: If you are needing trim repair, caulking, new molding, this of course will be extra on top of just painting.

            While some companies charge higher than others, insurance, labor warranty, expertise, and time they get it done, all plays into the cost. You pay for the company to get it right the first time.

            What is the most durable interior paint?

            While there are many different paint brands to choose from, our personal favorite is Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint. It is not only an all in one paint and primer, but comes in a range of finishes and colors. The reason you want to use a higher end paint, is because it creates a long lasting finish, and a surface that can hold up to scrubbing.

            Why choose Performance Painting for your interior painting project?

            While there are many factors we believe makes us a top choice, the 5 factors below is what puts us above the rest:

            1. A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau for 10 years
            2. Member of The Good Contractors List
            3. 200+ 5 star reviews on google
            4. 10 year workmanship warranty
            5. Financing offered as well

            To delve deeper into what our Performance Painting team offers and the passion we bring to every project, we encourage you to visit our ‘About Uspage. Wondering whether we extend our services to your locality? Our service area page details all the areas we cover, ensuring you’re within our reach. For information on our range of services, from preparation to the final brush stroke, browse our main menu. 

            Situated in McKinney, the Performance Painting team proudly caters to the entire Dallas – Fort Worth region, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to address your painting needs. Ready to transform your space? Head to our Contact Uspage to arrange your complimentary interior painting consultation. Let us help you bring your vision to life with a stroke of excellence.


            Frequently Ask Questions

            How do I choose the right paint color for my interior space?

            Selecting the right paint color involves considering the room’s size, natural light, and personal style. Light colors can make small rooms more extensive and open, while dark colors can add depth and warmth to larger spaces.

            Consider using paint samples on small sections of your wall to see how different colors look throughout the day as natural light changes. Also, think about the mood you want to create—cool tones like blues and greens for a calming effect or warm tones like reds and oranges for a cozy atmosphere.

            Can interior painting improve indoor air quality?

            Choosing the right interior paint type can improve indoor air quality. Look for low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) or zero-VOC paints. These paints release fewer pollutants into the air, making them a healthier choice for indoor environments. They’re especially beneficial in homes with children, elderly residents, or anyone with allergies or respiratory issues. Additionally, these paints typically have less odor, making them more comfortable indoors.

            How often should I repaint the interior of my home?

            The frequency of interior repainting depends on several factors, including the room’s usage, the quality of the paint used, and personal preference for updating styles. High-traffic areas like kitchens and hallways may need repainting every 2-3 years, while bedrooms and living rooms can often go longer, around 5-7 years. 

            If you notice fading or chipping or are ready for a change of color, it might be time to consider repainting. Regular touch-ups can extend the life of your paint job and keep your interiors looking fresh.

            Is it necessary to use a primer before painting interiors?

            Using a primer is often essential for achieving the best results. Primer provides a smooth, even surface for the paint, improving adhesion and helping accomplish the paint’s true color. It’s particularly recommended when painting over a darker color, on new drywall, or in areas with stains.

            Can I use exterior paint for interior projects?

            Using exterior paint indoors is not recommended due to its chemical composition, which can lead to potential health risks and poor indoor air quality. Exterior paints are formulated to withstand weather conditions and may emit stronger odors and VOCs than interior paints.