Do you have old cabinets that need an upgraded look for your kitchen or bathroom? Maybe the entire home including your laundry room? You may have even moved into a new build home, loved the home itself, but can’t wait to repaint the cabinets. Either way, that is why you are here. To get cabinet painting ideas, and see if Performance Painting is the right painter for your project. Our painting and remodeling team is located in McKinney, serves all of DFW and North Texas, has an A+ BBB Rating, is on The Good Contractors List, and looks forward to serving you for your cabinet painting, staining, and cabinet installation needs.

Things to know about Cabinet Painting, Staining, and Installation in DFW:

  • Cost: Unless you have a large budget to remodel your entire kitchen or bathroom, painting your cabinets can be a great alternative to give your home a fresh look in high traffic areas. Things that go into the cost are: Time, preparation, skilled labor, type of paint, overhead of the company for the betterment of the homeowner, size of cabinets, materials, etc.
  • It can boost your home’s value: Because bathrooms and kitchens are a huge selling point to homeowners, it can make a buyer offer higher because of how much they like the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Cabinet painting can be time consuming because of all the edges and small spaces. On top of this you need to remove the old finish, sand the cabinets, prime them, and then paint or stain them.
  • If you have basic carpentry skills, cabinet painting can be done on your own, but consider what is your time worth. On the flip side, if you are not comfortable with being delicate, and having the expertise to paint or stain your cabinets, then it is best to hire a professional cabinet painter like our Performance Painting team.
  • Color: Depending on how light or dark your cabinets are, you may need to apply more coats which costs more and take more time.
    Cabinet Painting Service - Project

    What types of cabinets are there to paint in DFW?

    • Kitchen Cabinets: These include
    1. Beaded – Known as face framed which are cottage style and modern
    2. Shaker – More contemporary with smooth lines and edges
    3. Flat Panel – These have a traditional vibe with modern homes
    4. Base – Typically under the countertops
    5. Tall cabinets – Tend to be more for the pantry of the kitchen
    6. Distressed kitchen cabinets – In the video below you will see an example of this cabinet staining project we completed in McKinney.
    • Bathroom CabinetsThese are usually designed for storage of towels, toiletry, cleaning supplies, and sometimes even just for looks. These types of cabinets include vanities, wall mounted cabinets, medicine cabinets, base for under the sink
    • Storage Cabinets for your room or HallwaysDepending on what you are storing of course will determine the size or style of cabinets you need, along with the style of your room. If you have kids or a unique master bedroom, that room may have a different look than the rest of the home.
    • Display Cabinets: These are typically in kitchen and dining rooms. Here you will have cabinets with glass that displays art, memorabilia, books, china, glassware, or other decorations you want to display in your home. These are also used sometimes for entertainment centers, however those tend to be custom as the hardware needs to breathe.
    • Garage Cabinets: These collect a ton of dust and scratches over the years because you tend to store hardware, supplies, and equipment in them that are of course, not clean. However, you may be turning your garage into a man cave, or getting epoxy floors so your family and friends can spend more time out there.
      Cabinet Painting Services

      Once you have decided to paint or stain your cabinets, how do you decide which to do?

      Outside of personal preference, here is what we recommend when deciding to paint or stain your cabinets. If you have an attractive wood, staining may be a good option, and if you have a smooth solid color, it may be best to paint over it. If your cabinets are made of materials outside of wood, we recommend painting. On top of this, deciding which colors depends on how much wow factor you want, and what colors on the color wheel will compliment your home and walls surrounding your cabinets. Painting is more durable than staining which saves you money in the long run so there are less touch ups.

      Additional Cabinet Painting and Staining tips in DFW

      • Make sure your painter removes the old finish, sands the cabinets, and then primes them before ever painting or staining.
      • Allow the paint to dry overnight, this way you will be sure it is good to go for the future.
      • Applying a clear coat can be a good idea depending on the type of paint you chose. This will ensure less paint or stain chipping and cracking

      To finalize, here are some questions to ask your painter before starting your cabinet painting project

      How does your painter charge, and what are the factors that go into that price? This will ensure your painter isn’t just throwing a number at you.

      What prior work have you done on cabinet painting and staining? Make them show you projects and photo portfolios so you can see their amazing work.

      What are the steps you take to prep, and do you cover everything in the home? Some painters charge extra for this, however, professional painters will include this in their base price.

      Do they have professional recommendations on color and style? If they are looking for only your ideas, run!

      Are they BBB Accredited, on The Good Contractors List, have 5 star reviews, etc? You want to make sure the cabinet painter in McKinney you choose is trusted and insured.

        Cabinet Painting Services

        Our Performance Painting Services in Dallas – Fort Worth:

        Most of the time cabinet painting or staining is part of a larger remodeling project in your home. You may be adding custom cabinets, and this is the next step. Here are all of the services our Performance Painting in McKinney team offers for all of Dallas – Fort Worth. These services include: Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Remodeling, Drywall repair and installation, popcorn ceiling removal, door installation, texturing walls, flooring, fence staining, window replacement, siding repair and replacement, tile backsplash installation, countertop installation, tub refinishing, trim and crown molding installation, cabinet painting, and much more. We also partner with our Performance Roofing team in McKinney and all of DFW for your roof and gutter needs.

        When you need the cabinet painting company in McKinney and DFW, you know who to call. We have painting consultants and project managers located across the metro in order to get your stimate out right away and the project completed on time. Performance Painting office number is 972-360-8042, or click here to schedule your free cabinet painting estimate.