What should you as a home or business owner know about trim repair and trim installation? What is the process of trim installation? Should you paint your trim? Along with a few things to know when deciding which types of trim to use, and what those types of trim are out there. Below we will answer these questions and more so you can trust our team of experts and make an educated decision moving forward.

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Trim Installation and Trim Repair

Things to know about Trim Repair and Installation in DFW:

When walking into a room, the trim can actually make or break how big or small the room feels which most people don’t know. It can also add style and character that compliments other parts of the room, especially the wall itself to make it pop. However unless you are in a new build home or home that was never built with trim to start, most times the trim on your home is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.

  • Trim Material: These include wood, MDF – which stands for medium density fiberboard, PVC – which is PolyVinylChloride, and a few more. There is plastic trim, but this is not very durable. We will discuss further down how to decide which to use.
  • Types of trim: Crown molding at the top of the walls adding a nice touch to the room, baseboards are the trim at the bottom of the walls, castings go around the frame of your doors and windows, and wainscoting, which some call beadboard, are longer up and down panels along the bottom of your walls.
  • While you may think you can repair your trim on your own, most homeowners don’t know how to professionally fill in holes, measure and cut the trim, sand, stain, or ultimately replace damaged pieces. Which is where a professional painting and trim company comes in like our Performance Painting Team. Before actually installing trim, the main things you want to remember are:
  1. Measure twice, cut once, so you don’t make mistakes.
  2. Use the right tools for that specific trim.
  3. Be patient and take your time so you dont cost yourself even more money. Which is another reason why people hire a professional trim installation company to get it done right the first time.
  4. Use a level to make sure the trim is installed straight.

How to decide which trim to install in DFW?

There are 3 deciding factors you need to consider as a home or business owner when choosing which trim to install.

  • Number one is Style: How large is the room, what is the texture of your walls, what will compliment accessories in the room. These are all factors when deciding which trim to choose based on style. For example, if you have a traditional home, typically wood trim is the go to choice.
  • Going off of your style will decide which materials you will use for your trim. Wood is the most expensive, MDF is less expensive and durable, and plastic is inexpensive and less durable.
  • Color: The color of the trim needs to compliment your room and wall. If you don’t paint the trim, we recommend wood trim if you have natural tones, and if your home is new and modern we recommend white or black trim. However if you want your walls to really pop, that is when you paint the trim.
  • Price: How is the price for trim determined? It starts by linear foot for material, then the painting company you choose to go with. How large are they? Do they have insurance like our Performance Painting team? How large of a team do they have? All of those factors go into the price.

Tip: if you keep the color of your trim similar to your walls, it will make the room feel larger.

How we install trim in DFW

Once you have decided which trim to install, how much you need based on prior measurements, and how much time you need to install, we then start with measuring the new trim and where to cut. Our team makes sure we take into account the thickness before cutting. Depending on the scope of work, we may need to use wood filler between the gaps of the trim and wall. Once that filler has dried, our team then sands it down to make sure it is just as smooth as the rest of the trim. To finalize your trim repair and installation, we then paint or stain your trim with a color that compliments your wall and room. Learn about all the interior painting services we offer here.

Our Performance Painting Services:

Most of the time repairing and installing new trim on walls is part of a larger remodeling project in your home, so here are all of the services our Performance Painting in McKinney team offers for all of Dallas – Fort Worth. These services include: Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Remodeling, Drywall repair and installation, popcorn ceiling removal, door installation, texturing walls, flooring, fence staining, window replacement, siding repair and replacement, tile backsplash installation, countertop installation, tub refinishing, trim and crown molding installation, cabinet painting, and much more. We also partner with our Performance Roofing team in McKinney and all of DFW for your roof and gutter needs.

When you need the top trim painting company in McKinney and DFW to install new trim on your walls, or paint your trim, you know who to call. Performance Painting office number is 972-360-8042, or click here to schedule your free wall trim repair, installation, or painting estimate.