Fort Worth Fire Restoration and Remodel Project

Does your Fort Worth Home have Fire Damage?

We recently completed a restoration and remodel project in Fort Worth and wanted to share our process along with the before and afters. Below we will walk you through each phase to complete this project. The video above and photos below explain visually.

Restoration Step 1 – Demo

Our Performance Painting team first started with demolition. Some items included: drywall, ceiling, cabinets, framing, entire kitchen and bathroom.

Restoration Step 2 – Wood Framing

Once everything was demolished, we then started from scratch framing the entire home and each room.

Restoration Step 3 – Specialty Trades

  • Electrical
  • Insulation
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC – We needed to get a new HVAC system installed right away so we could keep the pipes warm.

As you can see we are more than a painting company in DFW.

Restoration Step 4 – Walls and Ceilings and Flooring

After we completed everthing within the walls, it was then time to install the backer board, drywall, tape, bed, and texture the walls to get them ready to paint. Once the walls and ceilings were complete we installed laminate flooring throughout the entire home.

Restoration Step 5 – Remodel Bathroom and Kitchen

Based on the photos below the home looks like new. Once it was time for the kitchen and bathroom we installed the tub, tile, cabinets, countertops, and more.


Not only did we then finish the inside by painting each paintable surface, we then restored the exterior of the home and painted as well. If you need a full service painting company in the DFW Metro, click here to schedule now.