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When you ponder the outdoor upkeep of your home and grounds, there are a few things that you attend to practically automatically – maybe re-paving the driveway, cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn and weeding the flower beds. But we bet that another part of routine home maintenance escapes you, and that’s exterior painting. Like so many of us, you wait until the outside paint is in pretty bad disrepair before saying, “Well, I guess it’s time for Garland exterior house painting from Performance Painting!”

A paint job can go downhill and get shabby looking very quickly, especially if it was done improperly to begin with. Those who do exterior house painting in Garland TX grasp that. Natural wear-and-tear is inevitable. What we also hope is inevitable is your phone call to Performance Painters asking us for Garland exterior house painting. We will happily get to you in no time!

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What We Can Do for You with Exterior House Painting in Garland TX
In addition to our helpful color consultation, we can utilize our technological wizardry for your benefit as well. Garland exterior house painting by Performance Painting will show you a 3D image of your home so you can see how various paint colors will look before we get to work. With this wonderful tool, you won’t be surprised or disappointed at the end when we wrap up exterior house painting in Garland TX.

  • Maroon will be very unlike beige, for example. Green is great, but what shade – emerald, lime, olive or avocado? We’ll patiently help you sort through all the options.
  • Are you aiming for a show-stopping look or going for something more hushed with Garland exterior house painting?
  • Some hues will make your home seem larger and more stately.
  • Color sets a tone. It can be brash and bold or restrained and refined.
  • The choices are limitless! So is your – and our – imagination!
  • Comparing colors with this 3D demo is one of the most fun aspects of exterior house painting in Garland TX.

Did We Whet Your Appetite for Having Your Home Painted?
The prospect of having your home painted by Garland exterior house painting may seem overwhelming and off-putting at first. We assure you it is not. It can be an enjoyable process that leads to your home suddenly looking sprightly and lively again. Performance Painting is reachable at 972-360-8042.

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