How To Get To The Finished Product Of An Interior Remodel? Along With Interior Remodel Ideas

Are you planning on doing a full interior remodel but have no idea where to start? Look no further, as we have tips on how to get to that finished product. In this video, we showcase the DePalma residence in McKinney, and how we helped them achieve their dream home goals.

The first step is to have an idea of what you want for your remodel project. The homeowners had originally met us for a roofing project on their back patio, but eventually called us in to do their interior remodel. We worked with them to understand their vision and offer our recommendations based on our professional painting and remodel expertise.

One of the main things that the DePalmas wanted was to bring more light into their home. Our team achieved this by adding a new chandelier and changing light fixtures throughout the house. We also painted the living room, added a ship lap on the backside, a new mantel, painted cabinets, added wainscoting, and even installed a new fireplace. In addition, we created a closet under the stairs for their pets, which was a unique addition to the project.

In the kitchen, we installed a new gas stove, backsplash, and hardware to match the overall aesthetic of the house. We also updated the vanities, toilets, and showers in the bathrooms. One of our favorite additions was the media room, where we installed sliding barn doors for the homeowner’s convenience. We made sure to choose the right colors to make the room feel like they were at a theater, and to compliment the natural lighting coming into the room.  We also created an office for Mr. Depalma.

Throughout the project, we worked closely with the homeowners to ensure that we achieved their desired outcome, while updating them so they knew what was going to be completed next. By taking their ideas and incorporating our professional recommendations, we were able to get to the finished product that they had envisioned.

If you are wanting to know what the clients thought of their interior remodel in McKinney, watch this video here: Client testimonial for an Interior Painting and Remodel Project – Performance Painting of DFW. With a little bit of creativity and collaboration between our consultants and the client, your dream home can become a reality. Click here to schedule your complimentary painting and remodel consultation now.

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