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When you drive or walk by a home, what is the first thing you notice? Of course, it’s the exterior. And one of the prime reasons that it catches your eye may be the exquisite paint job that was done by Performance Painting. Our Irving painting is exceptional.

We actually feel so strongly about our talent as Irving painting contractors that we give you a 10-year warranty on it.

Exterior Painting - DFW

That’s right, 10 years!
If we were not so positive that our work would hold up well for an entire decade, we would never be painting contractors in Irving TX who give you such a long-term warranty.

We gladly handle exterior and interior painting. Our gorgeous painting in Irving TX is always preceded by a color consultation with the homeowner. We want to share our thoughts with you before we start Irving painting. We’ll tell you what we think will work or not. You can advise us about what your own hue preferences are. That way, we are all in agreement prior to a single brush stroke being applied. Performance Painting, your Irving painting contractors, values conducting a lively color discussion with the client, whose total satisfaction is our priority.

  • This color consultation is important to you and to us.
  • Not all painting contractors in Irving TX will do this, but it conforms to our high standard of service to you.

Irving Painting That Withstands Grueling Weather in Dallas/Fort Worth
Conditions in Texas can be pretty unforgiving when it comes to intense heat and wind. Anyone who does painting in Irving TX grapples with that. When your home is relentlessly exposed to those conditions month after month and year after year, as Irving painting contractors understand, it can take a real beating.

We examine the condition of your outer walls and search for things like obvious wear such as cracking or peeling. Because we administer Irving painting conscientiously, we resolve those issues so we are not putting fresh paint on damaged surfaces.

That way, the result is terrific-looking, long-lasting — and what you expect from us. Irving painting contractors add luster to your home. Try us and see!

Performance Painting Wants to Wow You
The Irving painting experts look forward to describing how we can transform you home, inside and outside.

All it requires is one brief call to 972-360-8042, so pick up the phone today!

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