North Texas Food Bank – Paint Rehab

Transforming North Texas Food Bank: Building Paint Rehabilitation in Plano

In our latest project, we had the incredible opportunity to revitalize the North Texas Food Bank facility in Plano. Today, we’re taking you through the process of repainting their decorative poles, a vital step in breathing new life into this community asset.

Addressing the Chalky Poles – Commercial Painter

The journey begins with tackling a common issue: chalky poles. Over time, the old paint had deteriorated, forming a chalky residue that couldn’t simply be power washed away. Instead, we carefully wiped down each pole using lacquer thinner. This essential step removed debris and foreign objects, preparing the surface for a fresh coat of paint.

Introducing Sheer Clad – Unique Exterior Paint

To ensure that the new paint adheres properly and lasts, we introduced a remarkable product called Sheer Clad. This waterborne epoxy is specially designed for exterior use and boasts superior color retention compared to traditional oil-based paints. The choice of Sheer Clad was critical in rejuvenating the poles and restoring their vibrant appearance.

Paint Rolling and Brushing for Precision

Our approach to painting these poles involved rolling and brushing rather than spraying. Why, you ask? There were several good reasons. Firstly, it minimized the risk of overspray, which can be problematic when painting near other structures. Additionally, it reduced the prep work involved, making the process more efficient. This method allowed us to apply a thicker, more even coat of paint, ensuring a long-lasting finish.

A Comprehensive Paint Makeover

The transformation didn’t stop at the poles. We took on an array of other areas around the building, including poles at the far end and the front edge of the facility. Even the metal I-beam and loading dock underwent the same painting treatment to create a cohesive look throughout. In addition, the entry signs and parking lot directional signs received a fresh coat of paint, aligning with the new aesthetics of the building.


This project at the North Texas Food Bank in Plano serves as a powerful reminder of the impact a building rehab can have on a community asset. By addressing the chalky poles and carefully selecting the right paint, we were able to restore vibrancy and enhance the overall appearance of the facility.

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