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Why is it time for Richardson exterior home painting? There could be many reasons, and we know that every Richardson home painting job is different. Maybe your paint has been flaking or peeling, and you’re interested in exterior home painting in Richardson TX to protect your home. Maybe you just bought the house and you’d like to change the color scheme. Perhaps you’re trying to increase the value of the home through Richardson exterior home painting before you rent it out or sell it.

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For all of these reasons and many more, you can come to Performance Painting to get the services you’re looking for. We are an experienced Richardson home painting company, and we have a variety of skills on our crews. For instance, we can do exterior home painting in Richardson TX, but we can also do interior painting, cabinet painting, brick painting, fence staining and much more. When you come to us, you know that you’re getting one team that can tackle the entire job, from beginning to end.

Richardson Exterior Home Painting: How We Stand Apart
You know that you want to hire a terrific team for Richardson home painting, so why should you turn to us? Below are just a few of the reasons that we are the number one company for home painting in Richardson TX:

  • We will provide color consultations and estimates at no charge to you. This is a completely free way to start your Richardson exterior home painting job.
  • We were given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, and we are also a member of The Good Contractors List, where we have been named a contractor of the year.
  • We believe that we will exceed your expectations for Richardson home painting, and we offer a 10-year warranty as a result. This warranty is an industry leader.

It’s time to start home painting in Richardson TX, and it’s also time to get in touch with the best company in the state to take on that job.

How to Contact Us
If you’d like to book a Richardson exterior home painting job or if you just want to set up your free consultation, please feel free to give us a call now at 972-360-8042.

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