What is a painting and remodeling job start?

What is a painting and remodeling job start?

In this blog we will walk you through what a job start is,  and everything it consists of so you as a home and business owner know what to expect to begin your project. 

Overall, a job start is when our project managers show up on the first day of the job, and we’ve previously started ordering materials. This is the day our workers started doing demolition and just doing what the job consists of. Typically we have to order more material as we want to make sure everything that comes in fits and is correct. 

Other things we will do during the painting and remodeling job start:

  1. Being Present: We want to make sure the home or business owner is present so we can make sure our Performance Painting team is on the same page with you regarding the agreement, design, and overall materials. We go over our examples again with you.
  2. Agreement: Once we have agreed upon everything again with the homeowner and answered any questions they have, from there we meet with our workers. We do the exact same thing making sure they understand the entire scope of the project, make sure they have the right materials, and make sure they know expectations from the home owner and our team for the timeline. 
  3. Document: This is also when we document from photos how this home or business looks so we can show off our amazing work.
  4. Safety: Safety hazards to you and our team. Making sure our team and client wear the correct protective equipment, staying clear of work areas when near, and reporting any potential hazards so we get the issue resolved before it becomes a bigger issue.
  5. Materials: We also go over with you and our team the waste disposal plan including any hazardous materials.
  6. Overall communication: At Performance Painting, our customers have high standards regarding how quickly we reply to them, and more importantly, how we are always reaching out to let them know.

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